319 N. 11th St 2L
Philadelphia, PA 19107
04.01 through 05.01 2017

Iole Alessandrini
Title: Clear Light
Medium: Electroluminescent panel, battery, switch and plexiglas case Dimensions: 12”x 17”x 1”


Napoleon and Tiger Strikes Asteroid are pleased to present F(L)AT, featuring artworks by members of the artist-run gallery, SOIL, located in Seattle, WA. F(L)AT – Flat or Fat, is a response to the complications of shipping artwork across the country. The members of SOIL were tasked with creating artwork that could ship flat and then be fattened once it arrives at the gallery for installation. The work ranges from flat paper that fold into sculptural objects, 2D renderings of 3D spaces, photographs with hinges that become a sculpture, and fabric pieces that take up unexpected volume in the space. This exhibition is the second half of an exchange, started in March 2016 when Napoleon and TSA exhibited at SOIL.

Project Description

Clear Light implements an electroluminescent panel, a battery and a manually operated switch to alter the appearance of a two-dimensional surface, from opaque-pink to luminescent-white. Cutting lines trace the panel like borders in a map. I am interested in the symbiotic relationship between the mechanic nature of technology and the natural phenomenon of light.

Additional Info