Medium: Halogen lights, wood veneer, wire cable, and vinyl.
Size: H17'x W 26x D 16'
Date: 08.31-09.03.12
Location: Seattle Center, Fisher Pavilion, Seattle WA
As part of Skyward at Bumbershoot.

Summary: The imagined future of the 1960’s featured flying cars and homes floating above the ground. Fifty years later, we look at this imagined future and at our current imagined futures.

Project description

An initial project to create a “nest” for “living in the sky” transformed into creating the forest itself. These ephemeral trees constructed of industrial materials float off of the ground and allow light to pass through, as if lacking gravity and substance. They float above a grid: a metaphor for roads, intersections, pathways, maps, reminiscence of cityscapes.

In this disembodied future forest we also long for the green of earth, embodied in light projections on the floor resembling grass. How does the future forest connect to this earth?


Iole Alessandrini
Hannah Viano
Vaughn Bell


Shelly Leavens
Jana Brevick


Bumbershoot 2012


Iole Alessandrini, Vaughn Bell, Hanna Viano Exhibit Skyward
Form/Space Atelier