Medium: Wood, metal fitting and graffiti
Backspace SOIL Gallery
Seattle, WA

Please let the artist at the desk know if you wish to explore the piece by physically interacting with it.


The interstitial, empty space between the stucco and the wood is where the activity takes place. In my world it is a secrete room, perhaps a playground in Seattle or even in a distant city such as Venice. The yellow graffiti in the corner, painted by Susanna Bluhm–a SOIL member whose work was on view in September–is a gift to the installation, a mark alluding to an activity in the gallery from a former presence. Part void, part refuge, the piece explores the play between the familiar and hidden, the intimate and the awakened memory.

Project Description

I have always been fascinated and at the same time challenged by the SOIL backspace, the steps, the tight turns and the name, make many wonder why even go there! From the apparent limits of this oddly shaped space I reach out to explore its hidden potentials. In the same spirit I invite you to take refuge and leave signs of your own presence.

Special Thanks

Susanna Bluhm
Tony Scauzillo Golden