La Luce

Immersive Light Environment
Ballard Fetherston Gallery
03.09. – 03.17. 07
Seattle, WA

As Part of:
One Night Stand Series
Iole Alessandrini in collaboration with Ed Mannery

Artist Lecture:
Tuesday March 12. 6:30 pm

818 East Pike Street
Seattle WA 98122


Shroud:Snapshot is the name of photographic portraits I took on opening night for La Luce at Ballard Fetherston Gallery. Each picture is a single exposure of a moving subject intersecting multiple planes, and each portrait is different. There is an unconventionally, hidden world on these planes that I have been photographing, and that I am further exploring. As per today, this for me is still uncharted territory whose language surprisingly, I am starting now to uncover.

Project Description

For the opening night of La Luce I wanted people to be part of this unique light immersive experience I call Shroud, so I photographed the planes with people intersecting them. The name Shroud is inspired by the Sacred Shroud in Turin, Italy, because of the unique phenomenon hinting at the impression of a human body left on a cloth. In the Shroud photographs, the impression of a human body is left on a luminous laser plane.

The exhibition, La Luce, showcased a number of immersive light environments done within the past six years. Truth is Not A Sentence was first shown at CoCA gallery in 2002; the photographic prints of Shroud:Swimmer which I took at Western Bridge Gallery in 2006 and a video later created in 2007 from multiple stills within the Shroud:Swimmer series. The photographs feature a pregnant Lara Swimmer, photographer and friend. The exhibition also included Fluorescent a new series of light boxes exploring light and the representation of light.


Carr Pierce