Luminous Forest

Title: Luminous Forest
Medium: LED road studs
Date: June 13 2016
Inauguration's Party: Edmonds Center for the Arts. Edmonds, WA (07-30)


177 LED's road studs imbedded in the ground punctuate 4th Avenue N in Edmonds, WA, USA. The lights follow a NS-EW grid made of 33 strings, each containing 5 road studs typical, and 7 road studs uniquely at the bookends of three city blocks.

Being solar powered, the lights switch On at sunset, and they switch Off at sunrise.

Please follow this schedule to see the lights performance during the seasons:

Summer: ~9:20PM - 4:30AM
Fall: ~6:00PM - 5:00AM
Winter: ~4:30PM - 6:00AM
Spring: ~6:00PM - 5:00AM

Project Description

The idea behind Luminous Forest generates from old Edmond's topography which grew along the water on a 30 degree angle. In this part of the world, big cedar trees stood wide and tall to create a dense forest until the end of the 19th century. The original Edmonds developed along the cost-line to harvest those trees. The 30 degree angle of old Edmonds stands oddly against the NS-EW grid of the rest of the USA. Using LED's solar, battery powered lights, Luminous Forest overlays a NS-EW luminous grid over 4th Ave N. This giant compass makes apparent to people that what is at an angle is the road and not the luminous grid. The project orients visitors and provides them with clues of Edmonds' history. Each light is an homage to the trees.

Luminous Forest is part of the 4th Avenue Interim Art Project. The project is funded by Edmonds Arts Commission Percent for Art funds and a matching donation by the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation.


Iole Alessandrini and Ed Mannery


City of Edmonds Arts Commission
Frances White Chapin, Arts & Culture Manager


Tydi Concrete Cutting
Solarroad Co., LTD
Fabick Incorporated

Special Thanks

4th Avenue Advisory Committee and neighbors
City of Edmonds Public Works Department
Jo Anne Iaciofano
Patrick Constans
Rubie Johnson
James Spangler
Joel Egan


More about this project here:


Here is the link to PDF that shows the project proposal:
Luminous Forest Project Proposal