I Luoghi Di Iole

Stencil and natural light projection
Stencil Dimension: H10" x W10" x D 1/8"
08. 08. 99 - 09. 30. 99
The City of Belfast, Northern Ireland


This exhibition was part of a city wide, collective installation in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and sponsored by HorseHead International, a Seattle based art organization devoted to promote art in public spaces.

Project Description

Along the Lagan River to the Ormeau Bridge I walked a symbolic link between loyal Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods. From sidewalks to freshly removed sod squares in front the City Hall I laid my marks, white painted stencils reproducing my name. The city was my canvas, people were my canvases as the little girls wearing my name and standing in front of a mural of catholic propaganda. Some stencils were permanent like those placed on concrete drain tiles along a city sidewalk, some were ephemeral like those made with sun and shadows projected through a template onto concrete spheres at the Clarendon Locks. I shot 481 pictures during my journey framing a permanent, distinctive record of the event. 29 are the sites, each one marked on a city map showing names of locations. The map comprehensively illustrates the work. Translated I Luoghi Di Iole means: The Places Of Iole. From the neighborhood to neighborhood exploration, to the poignant realization that economic and religious conflicts ultimately lead to internal alienating segregations, the installation overlaid the entire city with a picture, a non linear ideal journey without boundaries".



Special Thanks
  • Howard T. Howlett
  • Maxine and Mathew Lennon