Beeswax, LED and Acrylic
As part of Accreted Terrain
Curated by David Francis
Museum of Northwest Art
La Conner, WA

121 South First Street
PO Box 969
La Conner WA 98257
(360) 466-4446

October 4th 2014-January 4th 2015

Oread as part of Out of Site
(07.30-08.02 2015)
King Street Station
Seattle, WA

Synopsis: In Greek mythology, Oreads were the nymphs who lived in the mountains and ravines, they were spirits of nature. Slits and picks sunk and emerge to create a landscape of complex geometry where nymphs from yet a different world might live. Like the mythological nymphs embracing each other, each piece--which is made of beeswax--emanates fragrance and is connected conveying a sense of union, order and beauty.

Project description

This work emerges from my current Residency at Metrix Creates: Space in which I am exploring tessellation geometry. In geometry, a tessellation is the tiling of a plane using one or more geometric, asymmetrical shapes that assemble without spaces or gaps. This works explores the tight relationship between design and art, crossing the lines between aesthetics, play and technology. These polychromatic beeswax tiles are poured into resin-molds modeled against solid 3D powder printed cast which I designed using digital media.


Museum of Northwest Art
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La Conner, Washington