Video, Sound, Light Installation
H 10' W 10' D 20'
09. 09. 97 - 10. 31. 97
Hangar 2, Sand Point
Seattle, WA


The piece exploits the tension between being able to see into a room but having physical access denied because the room is a hazardous area. The doorway and three TV monitors outside the room are the physical and virtual view-ports to that space which once was used to sandblast airplanes parts. The piece is overlaid by trampling sounds and a male voice continuously reciting Do Not Trespass Beyond This Threshold.

Project Description

Inside the room, beyond the doors, a fenced vestibule allows visitors to stand and glance at video projections synchronized to red lights that illuminate the room. The sound of a meal voice continuously repeating Do Not Trespass Beyond This Threshold overlap with images of a naked man running outside the room. Images fit the wall opposite the entrance, and while effectively creating the illusion of seeing through, they open a virtual window to the hangar.

Outside the room, on the long side, two sets of monitors show interior images of the room. In one, the room is empty; in the other, one can see the naked man walking and running, sometimes violently kicking against a wall, the same inside the room which displays the man being projected. Continuing outside, on the short wall, a third monitor shows myself as a shadow over the walls inside the room. While images make reference to a remote and absent human presence, light, sound, video projector, and monitors engage with the viewer and mediate the boundaries of a controlled, off-limit space.

SandBlast was part of a collective exhibition entitled Objects in Hangar 2, curated by Sean Elwood and sponsored by the Seattle Art Commission.


Seattle Arts Commission
Pacific Northwest Ballet
911 Media Arts Center
Comp View
LMN Architects
Total Audio Visual Services
Rico Chiarelli
Jeff Lincoln
Tim Coulter
Jim Ragland
Adam Ross
Douglas Merrell
Zarins Family