SEATAC Airport, Concourse A
MEDIUM: Light Boxes. Three Duratrance Prints sandwiched between Plexiglas and backlit.
DIMENSIONS: H 10" W 39" D 3"

On display till December 2012, inside the black, north case is Fluorescent by Iole Alessandrini.


Fluorescent is one of a series of small-modified light boxes exploring light and the representation of light. The photograph of fluorescent tubes is a pun on the light-box's own fluorescent tubes inside. There is a sense of redundancy via repeated means – form, scale, color, type and medium – that works to amplify the meaning of the idea and to question both the light and the box's functions. What appears to be content is also representation. For everyone observing, perhaps there is a glimpse of new meaning and understanding.

Project Description

Fluorescent might question and validate the meanings and ideas of objects outside of their native contexts. In the same way I observe myself transiting through airports. I am removed from my familiar settings. I feel time and space suspended, displaced and temporarily relocated, I am captivated by people in transition. Some are being called some are waiting, kids, smell of fuel, and surveillance. Windows displaying luggage carts, open fields and near and distant planes. I am filled with sensory stimuli and curiously immersed in new awareness.


This year, Soil Alumni's member Timothy Cross, curates the show SOIL at SEA.

The exhibition showcases work by current and Alumni SOIL members:

Iole Alessandrini
Julie Alpert
Christopher Buening
Timothy Cross (A)
Cable Griffith
Margie Livingston
Kiki Macinnis
Amanda Manitach
Saya Moriyasu (A)
Nicholas Nyland
Joey Veltkamp (A)
Ellen Ziegler