Interactive Laser and Diffraction Grating Lenses Installation
H7'-6" W3'-6" D6'-6"
NURTUREart Gallery
05. 19 – 06. 25. 06
Brooklyn, New York, NY

As Part of:
"please OPEN the door"

Curated by:
Veronica Mijelshon


Upon invitation of the exhibition's title itself: "please OPEN the door", visitors enter the room and are requested to take off their shoes and wear diffraction grating lenses, the same used to display a spectrum. When wearing the lenses, they can see not only the five laser planes crisscrossing each other and the people, but also their countless, monochrome multiples by diffraction. As the experience becomes more personal, looking in one direction after another, one has the impression of being immersed in a glowing, ever-changing spider web.

Project Description

Trespassing invites the visitor to explore without end the elasticity of the planes which are always ready to transform under the interactive movements and observation of the spectator. It is due to this symbiotic interaction that the physical room is visually displaced and transformed into a dynamic convergence of planes that continuously dissolve, reform and restructure. Thus, the public becomes a cohesive part of this permeable volume by functioning as its dynamic formative agent, the catalyst of its creative existence.

I imagine the human context as the universe itself, the seamless space, the light, the energy, the same life-giving, primordial cloud that has become the world as we know it now. The light that travels, connects the space between objects and people, is a radiant light made manifest by space. It is a space with distinctive qualities: beautiful and transcendent, revelatory, and establishes relationships, affinities, and admiration.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY – "please OPEN the door" is a group exhibition that comprises site specific works by six visual artists working in sculpture, installation, light and painting. The exhibition explores the boundaries between private and public, inner and outer, physical and mental spaces. Each artist was designated a booth with a door measuring 3½ (W) x 6½ (L) x 7½ (H) feet, built in-situ and asked to respond to that particular space. Each booth presents the artist with a space of freedom to create a world. In conjunction with the exhibition, NURTUREart presents a curator's talk on Sunday, June 25.

Artists Featured

Iole Alessandrini
Fawn Krieger
Hiroyuki Nakamura
Sylvia Schwartz
Leonard Ursachi
Patricia Yossen