Video, Laser, Sound Installation
H 8' W 22' D 8'
08. 03. 02 - 09. 13. 02
Center On Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA

Synopsis: The visible and intangible qualities of numbers, language and light are in dialogue and contrast with the symbolism and architecture of a sanctuary first, and then inside the neutral space of Center on Contemporary Art gallery. The translation from space to numbers and transportation from sanctuary to gallery space, critically reflect and build upon ideas of metamorphosis and continuity in Truth is Not A Sentence, a portable version of Work In Progress at the Center on Contemporary Art Gallery in Seattle. [Aug. 3 - Sept. 13 2002]

Project description

In this new location, seven tool cases, store and display the installation at the sanctuary. Laying flat over a table, and alienated from their original location, LCD panels and digital media are the portals for the viewer to the sanctuary by means of the numbers, and the interface with the viewer and the numbers by means of live video cameras and a kinetic luminous plane.

For both projects, I used five LCD panels and live video cameras to induce viewers to conceive space in terms of numbers-digitally encoded equations describing cross sections of the sanctuary-and to think and see themselves in digital space-live video images of the viewer merging with the numbers. Then, using floor, ceiling and walls, I captured a luminous plane made with a laser, revealing the contours of the space. By doing this, I induced the audience to see the walls of physical space as containers, and the laser as content. At the aural level, the space was filled with a sound in key A, intertwined with my voice speaking invented words and playing with the ambiguities of languages together with a video continuously repeating "Truth Is Not A Sentence".


Ed Mannery
Bardi Martin
Pete Bjordahl
David Donar
Sean Taylor
Greg D'Elia
Bruce at OSEAO Studios
David Silver
Taichi Kitamura
Adrian Van Egmond