Title: Vessel as part of Sightlines
Medium: Books, Cardboards, Origami, Fluorescent lights and Printed media.
Dimensions: H10'x W12' xD20'
November 22 - January 10
Gage Academy Steele Gallery
1501 10th Ave. East, #101
Seattle, WA 98102
Tel: 206 323-GAGE


Vessel is part of a collective exhibition entitled Sightlines curated by Shelly Leavans. Inspired by the BUSTER SIMPSON // SURVEYOR retrospective exhibition at the Frye Art Museum, // SIGHTLINES presents the perspectives of five Seattle artists on the build-up of the detritus of a life lived and our choices about what to save (or document) and what to toss.

Project Description

Inside the Steele gallery, I discovered concealed behind doors and movable walls, three storage spaces. Neglected worlds, filled with objects perhaps donated, misplaced, or simply left there for decades. In these forgotten and newly discovered spaces, I filled the void with some of my possessions. Physical remains of ideas stacked upon each other awaking aspects of dormant awareness.

On display in the doorways:
Vessel, Loss and Sacrifice, Companion.