Medium: Twigs, light and branches of trees installation
H12' x W24'x D40
As part of SOIL Residency for Store Front Seattle
601 South King Street
Seattle WA 98104
Entrance from 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA


Until the end of May, fellow SOIL members and myself will be using our Shunpike Storefront as a group residency. In March, I will be working on a collaborative installation using tree branches, sticks, and vines that once crawled on the facade of the house where I live. The organic forms of nature cuddle with the walls and a tree grows through a drawer. On one side the pieces embrace the space, on the other, they transcend it. To learn more about SOIL, please go to

The SOIL collective has just moved into the International District, to the Storefronts project space at 601 South King. The collective will be using the space as a sort of public working studio, with various members creating, experimenting, and displaying works in progress for the next three months.

This week, collective member Iole Alessandrini is presenting a series of new works she’s made. They’re stunning in their simplicity: bunches of twigs, mounted on a wall, lit from behind. The works will be on view only for a week or two, and then the space will rotate and other members will develop new work. Make sure to keep tabs on this exciting and constantly changing project.